HYPOLINK Village Gambia


Hypolink is a modern day African village, created for your enjoyment and personal satisfaction.

With an exotic Blend of relaxation, entertainment and excitement, the Hypolink village provides tranquility in a beautiful, sophisticated African setting.

Built with a personal touch, this enclosed environment is 400m from the sea and surrounded with leisure activities for you to enjoy..

Gambia has become one of the fastest growing tourist destinations on the African continent.

Safety is paramount here, causing many people to call Gambia, the African Riviera and Smiling coast, due to the warmth of the people and beautiful locations.

The Hypolink Village is based in Kololi Gambia, which is on the West African side of the Atlantic Ocean.

Set in an ideal location with walking access to the beach, with seven acres of mature woodland, dotted with accommodation, a live venue, domed restaurant, bars and shops

There are contemporary, African style apartments equipped with modern facilities.

You will be pampered with excellent service in a friendly non-intrusive environment.

We offer self-catering or a personal maid/butler service if requested.

Plus catering and house cleaning will be provided by the same person on a daily basis.


At HYPOLINK Village lots of events will bring smile on your face