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    Dedicated to cancer prevention and survival

    World Cancer Research Fund founder Marilyn Gentry is passionate about preventing cancer: She says, “Almost all of us are affected one way or another by cancer, yet we are not powerless. Around 40% of cancer cases could be prevented through simple, healthy lifestyle choices and we hope that by spreading this good news, along with our cancer prevention information, many thousands of lives will be saved. “

    It’s estimated that one in two of us in the UK will develop cancer in our lifetimes, with cancer affecting 25 million people over the next two decades. Yet around 40% of cancer cases could be prevented – That’s 144,000 cases each year in the UK alone.

    World Cancer Research Fund were the first cancer charity to create awareness of the link between diet, weight, physical activity and cancer risk and since 1990 we have been funding global cutting-edge scientific research to better understand the links between our lifestyles and cancer. Translating the complex scientific evidence gained into practical, easy-to-use information that we can all understand and act on to reduce our risk of cancer.

    Last year we released the world’s largest, most authoritative and up-to-date source of scientific research on cancer prevention and survivorship through diet, nutrition and physical activity. This report provided reliable evidence to update our Cancer Prevention Recommendations, which work together as a blueprint to beat cancer that people can trust, because they are based on evidence that has now proved consistent for decades.

    Our online cancer health check will help you discover what changes you could make to reduce your risk of developing cancer and our healthy recipes will help you turn the contents of your fridge into the ingredients for a healthy lifestyle.

    Over three million people currently receive our health advice and we work hard to better educate health professionals in this area. We also work to help cancer survivors and those going through treatment and recently produced an Eat Well During Cancer booklet, to help after a cancer diagnosis. Our free booklet gives easy-to-follow advice on how to eat healthily and cope with the side effects of treatment. It is part of our new focus on survivorship, as we work to help improve survival rates and reduce the risk of cancer recurrence.

    But our life saving work can’t stop there…

    We need your help to continue our vital worldwide scientific research and reach more people with the crucial information they need to prevent and survive this deadly disease.

    Including a gift in your will to World Cancer Research Fund could be your special way of helping Rewrite the Future and making a memorable contribution to cancer prevention and survival in the years ahead. Just think of the positive impact your will could have and the many lives you could save.

     To learn more about how you can help give your loved ones and generations to come the power to prevent cancer by including a gift to World Cancer Research Fund in your will visit

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